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Rodents are much more than just a pain in our Hawaiian Islands. Rodents carry many forms of diseases, to include the parasite nematode that causes rat lungworm. Rodents are also carriers of fleas, lice, and mites. If left untreated, rodent infestations can cause massive amounts of destruction to food and property. 


The best protection against rodent infestations is prevention. Rodent-proofing the property and regular sanitation usually keeps rodents away. Rodent proofing entails ensuring that openings in the structure that are bigger than ¼” (for mice) and ½” (for rats) are sealed. Caulking or otherwise eliminating holes around pipes that go into the structure will eliminate another entry point for rodents. Also, be sure that rodents do not have access to property insulation that they can use as nesting material. Sanitation includes removal of outdoor wood and garbage piles, trimming all foliage away from the structure, and ensuring food items are securely wrapped and put away.


If you believe you have a rodent infestation, Hawaii Fumigation & Pest Control is here to help. We accurately identify the rodent problem, and then provide a recommendation tailored to your needs, and to the most effective means for eliminating the problem in the shortest amount of time. Our services always come with a free estimate and a Satisfaction Guarantee.


How can I prevent rodent infestations?


This is a great question because prevention is the best solution to infestation. Keeping rodents from infesting the property requires eliminating entry points, food sources, and shelter.
Eliminating entry points may require a little work because mice can squeeze through a space the size of a nickel, and rats can fit through a space the size of about a half dollar. So, start with the outside and look for entry points around windows, doors, vents, and the foundation. Also check for entry points around electrical, plumbing, cable, or other things going into the property. Secure openings with rodent-proof materials like steel wool, caulking, metal sheeting, etc. Do the same with indoor entry points like up in the attic space, around plumbing lines in bathrooms and kitchens, laundry room floor drains, etc.

Eliminating possible food sources for rodents does not require a whole lot of work. Just keep non-refrigerated food items in metal or very thick plastic containers with tight fitting lids; this goes for pet foods as well. Never leave food or dirty dishes sitting on countertops for a prolonged period of time. Garbage cans – whether inside or out – should also be very thick plastic or metal containers with tight fitting lids. Eliminating shelter areas for rodents has bee half done by eliminating entry points to the property. Now, just clean up things around the outside of the property that rodents find appealing. Any old woodpiles or the like will appeal to rodents. Maintain a manicured yard, and ensure that no shrubs or tress are touching the structure of the property.


Do I have a rodent infestation?

Most of our customers that call with this question already know the answer because more times than not, when one mouse or rat is seen indoors, there is an infestation. When two mice or rats are seen it is highly likely the rodents are calling ancestry.com to get new members added to their family tree. However, perhaps you haven’t seen a rodent, but you’ve seen (or heard) other things that are signs of an infestation. Maybe you’ve seen rodent droppings under sinks, in the pantry or cupboards, or just on the floors along the walls. You might have found food products in the pantry with holes in them, or the family pet continually smelling under the stove where they have never smelled before. You may even smell a rodent urine type of smell yourself. You may have noticed greasy and/or hairy skid marks along the bottoms of walls, or heard something running in the attic late at night. Rodents are gnawers to keep their two front teeth filed, so you might have noticed gnaw marks on walls or floors. All of these are signs of a rodent infestation. There are a number of consumer products available to help eliminate a rodent infestation. Hawaii Fumigation & Pest Control does not recommend or discourage the use of any products available to consumers. Rather, we are here if you have any questions and/or need help with a rodent infestation.

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