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Ground termites are the most destructive termites to structures! Their mature colonies can be numbered in the millions. Imagine for a moment a colony of three million ground termites consuming 13 ounces of wood per day (i.e., 167 linear feet). That means the colony ate one foot of wood every two days. With this in mind, it cannot be over-emphasized that a mature ground termite colony can cause an enormous amount of structural damage in as little as six months’ time. Typical ground termite colonies range from 1.4-6.8 million termites. Their foraging areas can be anywhere from 1,700 square feet to 38,424 square feet (i.e., about .9 acre). This means that, depending on lot sizes in a typical neighborhood, your neighbor’s ground termite infestation can easily get to your house too.


Ground termites live underground and get their needed water from the soil around their colonies; but they do have to venture out for food. To do so, the ground termites build tubes from their underground colonies to a wonderful food source: your wooden structural property. The ground termites build the tubes using partially digested wood that they eat and their own poop; these are what we all call their mud tubes. 


Signs of Infestation


Ground termites do not make holes in wood like the drywood termites. Instead, the ground termite’s primary infestation indicator is finding those mud tubes within walls or along wooden parts of a structure. The second indicator of ground termite infestation and damage is the way in which the ground termites eat wood. Unlike drywood termites that eat across wood grains and in every direction, the ground termites are more meticulous; they follow the grain of the wood and make long hollows along the grain.


As always, our inspections and estimates are free. If a ground termite infestation is identified, Hawaii Fumigation & Pest Control’s treatment recommendations will include a Sentricon® above ground Elimination System or a Termidor® liquid barrier treatment, depending on what will work best for you and the construction of your property.


Sentricon® Elimination System


Sentricon is an aboveground baiting system designed to eliminate entire colonies. Once eliminated, Sentricon is then guaranteed to keep ground termites away for as long as the bait stations remain in the ground on the property and are monitored regularly.

The cost for Sentricon installation and monitoring is based on perimeter linear footage of the structure being treated. Our estimate includes an initial installation and monitoring fee for the first year. Each year thereafter, we request an annual renewal fee for continued monitoring and servicing. Sentricon installation and recurring monitoring may be as low as $55.00 per month. Call us today to find out more.




Unlike Sentricon, Termidor is a liquid barrier treatment that – when applied properly by our certified professionals – begins working right away and provides complete elimination of termites that come in contact with the treatment. Termidor is a non-repellent liquid that ground termites cannot smell or taste. As such, the termites just ingest the liquid and share it with their colony, which eventually eliminates all of them.

Termidor liquid treatment upholds a kill rate of six times faster than other baiting systems on the market. This liquid barrier treatment will rid your home of ground termites for up to five years. The cost of a Termidor treatment is also based on perimeter linear footage of the structure.


Any ground termite treatment is an important balance of our personal feelings, costs, and the construction of the property being treated. At Hawaii Fumigation & Pest Control we are here to help you with ground termite identification, and the best possible treatment if needed. Give us a call today with any questions you may have.

Alternative, Organic Options Available

We understand that green pest control is important to you and we agree that your operation should remain a safe and healthy environment. Some new technology we are using now allows us to provide quality pest control services using the latest chemistry in botanical oils. The combination of botanical oils target and block octopamine, which is an important neurotransmitter and hormone in insects. Mammals do not possess these identical receptors; therefore, botanical oils have no adverse affect on people or animals.

What are the two biggest signs of a ground termite infestation?

Feeling and/or seeing hollow, soft, or blistery wood.
The ground termite’s mud tubes provide them protection from the elements while they travel from their underground home to their food source. Wood that has been eaten for a period of time will become hollow and soft; sometimes break when pushed on. Some say that seeing swarmers and/or their wing droppings is a sign of infestation, but this is not always the case. Ants also swarm and drop their wings. The best way to determine a ground termite infestation and the extent of the infestation is to call your pest control specialist for a free inspection.


How do I keep from getting a ground termite infestation?

Ground termites need a nice place to make a home and colony – a place that has easy access to food (wood) and water (ground moisture, leaking pipes). So, the goal of the property owner is to make as few of these situations present as possible. Start by ensuring no shrubs or other vegetation touches the structure. In fact, keep the entire area around the structure free of plants and anything else that limits the ability to see the property’s foundation. Remove and/or otherwise rectify any wood that is in direct contact with the ground (i.e., it is not on the structure’s foundation), and fix excessive moisture areas. Get in the habit of checking around your foundation on a regular basis for signs of ground termite infestation. In addition, a solid preventative measure for keeping ground termites away is to install a bait or liquid treatment, both of which will protect the asset and eliminate property repair costs created by ground termite infestations.

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