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If you’ve ever had to treat your kids (or yourself) for head lice – ‘ukus’ as many of us call them in Hawaii – then you are well aware of just how difficult it is to get rid of them. Well, bed bugs are kind of the same. Once a home, apartment, business or other structure is infested with bed bugs, almost nothing short of tent fumigation gets rid of them for good. Even then, if a property owner returns to a structure that was just fumigated for bed bugs – and that property owner is returning with something from the property that was also infested (like a backpack, a suitcase, clothing, etc.) – then it is highly likely the cycle will begin again.


Bed bugs are not very fast on their feet nor can they fly, but they are excellent hitchhikers. Bed bugs get around through interactions in public places such as hotels, public transportation, having guests over, going to a restaurant, etc. Unlike other pests, bed bugs don’t care about cleanliness; they have been found in royal mansions, little grass shacks, and everywhere in between. Knowledge is the most powerful key to bed bug prevention. Here are a few things we can all do to prevent bed bugs from infesting our own homes and businesses.


I’ve been bitten by something. How can I tell if it is a bed bug bite?

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a bed bug bite from a tick, flea, or even mosquito bite. Bed bugs generally bite the parts of the body that are exposed during sleep (i.e., face, neck, hands, legs, arms, and shoulders). So if these parts of the body have been bitten, then further investigation should follow. Look around for telltale signs of an infestation. Blood spots on bed sheets are one sign of bed bugs. Spots that look like dark dried blood may also be poop, and can also be found in the creases of mattresses and box springs. Bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye so, in addition to the bed, look for bed bugs in bed frames, headboards, picture frames, and any cluttered areas nearby.


If I throw out my mattress and box springs, have I eliminated my bed bug infestation?

Despite all the information available out there regarding bed bugs, there are still some that believe an infestation is limited only to a bed. While the majority of a bed bug infestation is found in and around the bed, bed bugs will also hide wherever they find dark, warm spots (like picture frames, cracks in walls and floorboards, furniture, carpeting, etc.). In addition, depending on how the infested mattress was disposed of, the infestation may have been dispersed even further during removal of the mattress. An infested mattress should be securely wrapped in plastic during the removal process. Even then, care should be taken so as not to hit anything while removing the mattress from the premises. Before bringing a brand new bed into the property – and as the very least precaution – it is highly recommended to contact your favorite pest control specialist for a free inspection to ensure no bed bug infestation remains.


Can I just remove bedbugs myself?

I know people that have had success with eliminating a bed bug infestation themselves. There are certainly many consumer products available to assist a property owner with eliminating a bed bug infestation. The rate of success will be highly dependent on a number of factors:
How bad the infestation is. How much clutter is available for the bed bugs to hide in.

The rate of participation of owners in a connected townhouse, apartment, or other similar structure will be.

A complete elimination of a bed bug infestation can take from weeks to months, so patience and consistency is key. To be brief, complete elimination of a bed bug infestation is quite a challenge. Hawaii Fumigation & Pest Control cannot emphasize enough that if taking on a bed bug infestation yourself is unsuccessful, please call your favorite pest control specialist to keep the infestation from spreading.

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 bed bug treatment

Is There Over The Counter Products Available?

Over-the-counter products are available to treat bed bug infestations. However, it is important to understand that treating for bed bugs is multifaceted and the probability of success is contingent upon a few considerations:

  • The degree of the infestation.
  • The amount of clutter that is around and available to the bed bugs to hide in.
  • The degree to which all residents of a connected apartment, townhouse, or similar building will participate in the process of bed bug elimination.

If you think you have a beg bug infestation, Hawaii Fumigation & Pest Control highly recommends you call your favorite pest control specialist for assistance. A bad bed bug infestation is difficult to eliminate alone. Hawaii Fumigation & Pest Control is always standing by to answer any questions you may have about bed bugs or any other island pests.

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