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The Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs, Regulated Industries Division
is the agency responsible for the oversight of Hawaii's pest control industry. As a consumer advocate, DCCA can provide you with background information about each pest control company you are considering. The information and the service they provide to you is free of charge. In West Hawaii, the DCCA is located in the Keauhou Shopping Center. You may also contact them by telephone at (808) 322-1908. Here are some of the details the DCCA can provide for you:
  • The validity and standing of the PCO License Number
  • The company's consumer complaint history
  • The company's record of pesticide use and compliance violations
  • The status of the company's Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance
  • How long the company has been in operation
The Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Division also participates in regulating the pest control industry. This agency acts as a liaison for the EPA. The DOA, conducts licensure testing for pesticide applicators and also conducts investigations to ensure that companies are complying with applicable regulations for pesticide use.

The Hawaii Pest Control Board reviews complaints and investigations submitted to them by DCCA and DOA. This agency issues fines and/or suspensions to pest control companies as deemed necessary and regulates compliance with applicable Hawaii Revised Statutes and Administrative Rules pertaining to Pest Control operations.

PHMSA is a division of the Department of Transportation, Office of Hazmat Safety, which regulates all companies that transport hazardous materials including Vikane and Chloropicrin. This agency requires that all transporters of hazardous materials comply with annual registration, safety training, and other related compliance measures applicable to hazardous materials.

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