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At Hawaii Fumigation & Pest Control, we believe that offering flexibility is just as important as conducting effective treatments.

Our pest control customers are not required to submit themselves to lengthy service contracts and they may customize their pest control service to meet their needs and preferences.

Our philosophy is simple. We are confident in the quality of our work and service we provide. If for any reason a customer is displeased with our work, we don't believe that a customer should be required to continue services they are unhappy with simply because of contractual obligation.
  • Quality service with integrity. We will EARN your trust and confidence!

  • No lengthy service contract locking you in for any period of time, unless you so desire.

  • Cancel your service at any time without penalty providing you afford us at least 24 hours notice before an already scheduled appointment.

  • We will provide you with a recommendation regarding how frequently service visits should be conducted to best meet your pest control requirements

  • We will provide you with a recommendation regarding the areas of your property that should be treated (Interior, Exterior, or both) to best meet your needs.

  • YOU ultimately choose the treatment criteria you desire, even if your final selections differ from our recommendations.

  • Select from Annual, Semi-Annual, Tri-Annual, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, and Monthly service frequency levels.

  • Select Interior Only, Exterior Only or Interior & Exterior treatment services.

  • If your treatment needs or preferences change, you may also change your treatment criteria accordingly without penalty. All you need to do is provide us with 30 days notice of any service criteria changes you wish to make.

  • General pest control services are under warranty at no additional charge. The warranty provisions and conditions vary depending on the type of service criteria you select. In most cases, general pest control services are under warranty for up to 90 days following your regular service visit.

  • Our pest control customers are eligible for courtesy services, which are normally chargeable. Some of these additional services include termite checks & assessments, termite spot treatments, carpenter ant treatments, and rodent baiting. Some restrictions/limitations do apply.

  • Reduced rates for flea & tick control extended to our regular pest control customers. Some restrictions/limitations do apply.

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