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By our standards, achieving an effective fumigation consists of much more than just eradicating your termites. In our book, achieving effective fumigation requires disciplined dynamics. If any of these facets are not executed or not taken seriously, the effectiveness of fumigation is placed at risk.

These dynamics have proved to be successful for us as we have never performed an ineffective fumigation or been required to re-fumigate a home under fumigation warranty.

  • Educating the customer about the fumigation process and limitations involved

  • Ensuring the customer and tenants are properly and adequately prepared

  • Measuring the property accurately

  • Assessing ALL factors that may impact the tent fumigation process.

  • Accounting for ALL factors that may hinder effective fumigation treatment

  • Disclosing to the customer any anticipation of unavoidable damages

  • Affording the customer any available options to reduce potential damages

  • Empowering employees with strict fumigation disciplines and ethics

  • Optimizing the applicable ground conditions around the structure

  • Securing the fumigation tarps effectively to maintain a controlled environment

  • Establishing an advantageous seal of fumigation tarps at the ground level

  • Requiring at least one certified or licensed technician at each job

  • Introducing the correct & necessary amount of fumigant gas

  • Using proper equipment (Fumiscope) to monitor gas levels

  • Utilizing Interscan gas analyzer equipment to ensure proper aeration and safe re-occupancy.

  • Being readily available to our customers even after job completion
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