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Due to the tropical climate in Hawaii, the presence of a variety of pests is common year round. Each individual or family household has its threshold of tolerance for them. While many residents have learned to accept their presence, others may not be prepared or willing to share their living space with them and elect to secure professional pest control service.

The interior of your home is no place for pests, but it is important to remember that the interior of your home was not the original habitat of the pests you have.

At some point, the pests came from outside and then entered your home either by accident or because they discovered conditions that were appealing to their survival or comfort. Most pests that take up shelter inside of homes do so because they have found ideal conditions to support their survival and because the homeowner failed to prevent their entry and/or maintain uncomfortable living conditions for them.

The objective of pest control is to manage your pest problems by minimizing the pest population to tolerable levels while causing the least amount of harm to the environment and your surroundings.

Total eradication of pests can be difficult, excessively time consuming, and often economically burdensome. In some cases it can prove to be seemingly impossible. Further, total eradication of some pests can lead to an open invitation for other types of pests to invade.

The key here is to understand that pest control and pest eradication are not the same. Ultimately, professional pest control service can prove to be an effective tool for controlling your pest problems, especially when coupled with proactive measures of exclusion and sanitation.

Exclusion, sanitation, and home maintenance are keys to successful pest control.

Sanitation and proper food storage play a significant role in the prevention of pests and the success of pest control, while sealing cracks and closing off other access points can aid in exclusion.

General home maintenance such as correcting plumbing leaks and other forms of moisture buildup and keeping areas dry are also a proactive measures homeowners can take to decrease the water supply for pests and create a non-ideal environment for them.

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